Here are the announcements for today!

Urban Institute Report Examines Public Funding for Job Training at the State and Local Level

  • This project draws on interviews with state and local public and nonprofit workforce development organizations; a brief review of existing literature and published reports; a review of federal, state, and local budget documents; the JPMorgan Chase grantee databases for 2014–17; and the latest available Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data (WIASRD). This is not a comprehensive view of all public funding. The examples described highlight key features of the vast array of public funding streams for job training at the state and local level. See "Related Content #1"

Department of Labor Announces Launch of

  • The U.S. Department of Labor today (June 15) announced the launch of delivers on the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion's recommendation to "compile apprenticeship information in a single, online, centralized website." The website will evolve into a robust one-stop platform to connect job seekers, job creators, training providers, parents, teachers, and federal and local workforce agencies with information and resources to learn more about apprenticeships, how to establish apprenticeship program, and how to access open apprenticeship opportunities. See "Related Content #2"

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Launches Interactive Map of Opioid Epidemic Resources to Connect Rural Communities and Individuals to Model Practices across the Country

  • Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett today (June 14) unveiled a new interactive feature on the USDA rural opioid misuse webpage. See "Related Content #3"

Pearson and Jobs for the Future Release New Report – Demand-Driven Education

  • Pearson and Jobs for the Future this week released a new report which identifies a new wave in postsecondary education reform required to adapt to the emerging global economy. Demand-Driven Education, the report argues, focuses on ensuring graduates are job-ready, hirable, and have access to rewarding careers over the course of their lifetime by ensuring career-long alignment between education and the job market. See "Related Content #4"