Here are the announcements for today!
  1. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Agriculture (USDA) Issue Joint Statement on Action to Promote Elder Justice in Rural America

    • The DOJ and USDA are forming a working group to focus on ways to empower and to support rural and tribal communities to combat elder abuse and financial exploitation. Today on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we collaboratively embark on a mission to work with older Americans in this Nation to improve their quality of life as envisioned by the Report to the President from the Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity. The Nation’s seniors are treasured and revered members of our communities. Too often, however, seniors are targeted by unscrupulous criminals for fraud or are subjected to abuse. Factors more common in rural and tribal communities--including large geographic areas that elongate response time, fewer services and service providers, and limited access to broadband-- create additional challenges to identifying and combatting elder fraud and abuse in rural and tribal communities. DOJ and USDA resolve to marshal our collective resources and expertise to enable rural and tribal communities to more effectively combat elder abuse and financial exploitation. We are forming a working group to develop recommendations and will jointly present strategic action steps in November 2018 at the Department of Justice’s Rural Elder Justice Summit in Des Moines, Iowa. See "Related Content #1"

  2. Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is inviting informal public comment concerning its Transformation and Sustainability Plan

    • CNCS will host four in-person listening sessions and three conference calls for public input, and accept written comments. This input will be used to shape the implementation of the plan. The plan outlines specific steps the agency will take to ensure our core business functions are accountable and effective, make it easier for organizations and individuals to participate in our programs, strengthen our impact in communities by prioritizing evidence-based models, and align our workforce and workplaces to better serve our customers, meet evolving needs, and ensure efficient use of public funds. See "Related Content #2"