NCAI Releases "Empowering Tribal Workforce Development" Federal Policy Brief (Version 2.0)


Today, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) released its new brief "Empowering Tribal Workforce Development: Indian Country's Policy Recommendations for the Federal Government" (Version 2.0).  The brief presents a list of urgent and long-term policy recommendations for Congress and the Administration to adopt as they support tribal nations, Native organizations, and tribal colleges and universities in their design, refinement, and strengthening of their workforce development efforts.

NCAI compiled these recommendations over the past three years through: its research project documenting innovative tribal approaches to workforce development; interviews and surveys it conducted with tribal leaders and workforce development practitioners; a series of tribal workforce development sessions held at its conference; ongoing consultation with its TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Task Force and Economic Development, Finance, and Employment Subcommittee; and its ongoing partnerships with the Department of Labor's Native American Employment and Training Council, the Public Law 103-477 Tribal Workforce Group, the National Indian and Native American Employment and Training Conference.  NCAI published the first version of the brief in October 2016.  

NCAI Contact: Ian Record, Vice President of Tribal Governance and Special Projects,