General Services Administration (GSA) report - Examples of Certain Federal Requirements that Apply to Cultural Resources and Factors that Impact Tribal Consultation.  In March 2019, GAO reported that tribes and selected federal agencies identified a number of factors that impact the effectiveness of consultation on infrastructure projects, based on GAO's review of the comments on consultation submitted by 100 tribes to federal agencies in 2016 and GAO's interviews with officials from 57 tribes and 21 federal agencies.  Click here for more information and report.

Student and Faculty Engagement in STEM at Community College, Technical Schools and Universities: NASA Awards $39.8 Million in Support.  NASA has awarded more than $39.8 million through the agency's National Space Grant College and Fellowship Project to increase student and faculty engagement in STEM at community colleges, technical schools and universities across the nation.  Awards and Proposals funded, visit:

Information about the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Project, visit:

For information about NASA's education programs, visit:

Water Transportation Sector: The Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grant to Support Delgado (LA) Community College's Maritime and industrial Training Facility.  The EDA awarded awarded an $850,000 grant to Delgado Community College of New Orleans, Louisiana, to support the growth of Louisiana's water transportation industry.  "The new Delgado Maritime and Industrial Training Facility in New Orleans will train new deckhends in preparation for entry into the inland water transportation industry."

Latest Department of Defense (DoD) Military Occupational Classification Crosswalk Now Incorporated into O*NET Online and My Next Move for Veterans.  The Military Occupational Classification (MOC) crosswalk has been updated by the DOD (January 2020) and incorporated into O*NET Online and My Next Move for Veterans.  See O*NET Military Transition Search or visit O*NET Resource Center Crosswalks to learn more.