United American Involvement, Inc. (UAII) is excited to announce they are scheduled to move into a new building on September 15th.

UAII’s new headquarters will be located at 1453 West Temple Street, 90026. The anticipation has been growing within UAII for a place that will allow for greater expansion and unity across all departments. UAII looks forward to building on the history of service and dedication, staff members are committed to ensuring that members of the community are aware and can make plans for the first location change in over 20 years.

Still under construction, the 30,000 square foot building has been restructured solely for UAII. It features a renovated interior designed to host all of UAII’s wrap-around services, workshops, weekly events, and community meals. Additionally, our new building features a full-service community center, a full kitchen and a large outdoor patio for gatherings.

The move to the new Main Office will be in stages conducted by the Director of Operations, Eric Honanie working alongside with Department Directors. With the pandemic still in place, the communications and operations teams will offer a soft opening with strict CDC protocols and limited staff. Many of the UAII staff will continue to work from home and will be limiting their office attendance in accordance with LA city guidelines.

The 1st floor consists of an updated registration area along with the Los Angeles American Indian Health Project consisting of a community clinic, dietician and health educator and case management team, the Robert Sundance Family Wellness Center, and the American Indian Clubhouse. A newly-constructed kitchen will be easily accessible for community meals in the adjoining community center, as well as a large outdoor patio for lunch breaks and events.  You can read more about the upcoming move here.