View Department of Education Announces Funding Opportunity for Career and Technical Education Projects for Tribal Organizations and Alaska Native Entities

The Department of Education has issued a February 5 notice inviting applications for new awards for fiscal year (FY) 2018 for the Native American Career and Technical Education Program (NACTEP).

This notice invites applications for a NACTEP competition that implements section 116 of the Act, enacted August 12, 2006. Section 116 of the Act authorizes the Secretary to award grants to, or enter into cooperative agreements or contracts with, Indian Tribes, Tribal organizations, and Alaska Native entities to operate CTE projects that improve CTE for Native American and Alaska Native students.

Under section 116 of the Act, Bureau-funded schools (as defined in this notice) proposing to fund secondary programs are not eligible to  receive an award directly from the Secretary. However, an Indian Tribe,  Tribal organization, Alaska Native entity, or Bureau-funded school may use its award to assist a secondary school operated or supported by the U.S. Department of the Interior to carry out CTE programs. A Bureau-funded school that is not proposing a secondary program is eligible for assistance under NACTEP.

Under this competition, the Department is particularly interested in applications that address the following priority.    

Creating or Expanding Opportunities for Individuals to Obtain Recognized Postsecondary Credentials in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, or Computer Science


Estimated Available Funds: $13,764,000 for the first 12 months of the project period. Funding for years two and three is subject to the availability of funds and to a grantee meeting the requirements of 34

CFR 75.253. Contingent upon the availability of funds and the quality of applications, we may make additional awards later in FY 2018 or in subsequent years from the list of unfunded applications from this competition.


Proposals are due by March 29.  See