View Integrating Financial Security Services into Workforce Development Program: Collaboration Releases Four Issue Briefs

Integrating financial security services into workforce development programs can achieve more impact without requiring significantly extra cost and time. Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW) and The Financial Clinic (the Clinic) have partnered to analyze the impacts of financial security services on workforce development programs, with results released in four issue briefs.

Download all issue briefs below listen in on the December 12, 2017 virtual briefing,‘When Is More Not Extra? Effective Strategies for Financial Security.’

Download the full issue brief series. 

Issue Brief #1: Why Should We Integrate? How workforce development organizations have made the case for integrating financial security practices

Issue Brief #2How Can You Do It? How organizations actually integrate financial security practices

Issue Brief #3: What About Roadblocks? How organizations have overcome challenges of integration

Issue Brief #4: Is the Impact Worth It? How organizations have justified the investment given the rewards