View TANF: HHS/ACF Proposes Extension of the Job Search Assistance Strategies Evaluation

The Administration for Children and Families is proposing an extension without changes of the Job Search Assistance (JSA) Strategies Evaluation.

The JSA evaluation will aim to determine which JSA strategies are most effective in moving TANF applicants and recipients into work and will produce impact and implementation findings.  To date, the study has randomly assigned individuals to contrasting JSA approaches.

The study will next compare participant employment and earnings to determine the relative effectiveness of these strategies. The project will also report on the implementation of these strategies, including measures of services participants receive under each approach, as well as provide operational lessons gathered directly from practitioners.

A January 16 FEDERAL REGISTER notice provides an opportunity to comment on the extension of the 6-month follow-up survey to allow follow-up data to be collected for all study participants.  The pre-publication version is available at

ACF notes:

  • Although the enrollment period was originally estimated to span 12 months, it took 18 months to complete enrollment, leaving insufficient time to complete the 6-month follow-up survey. A four-month extension is requested in order to allow individuals randomly assigned between June and August 2017 to complete the follow-up survey in the same timeframe as earlier enrollees. The purpose of the survey is to follow-up with study participants and document their job search assistance services and experiences including their receipt of job search assistance services, their knowledge and skills for conducting a job search, the nature of their job search process, including tools and services used to locate employment, and their search outputs and outcomes, such as the number of applications submitted, interviews attended, offers received and jobs obtained. In addition, the survey will provide an opportunity for respondents to provide contact data for possible longer-term follow-up. There are no changes to the currently approved instruments.
  • This extension is specific to the 6-month survey and covers the remaining 766 participants that may be completing the six-month follow up survey during the four-month extension period. All other information collection under 0970-0440 will be complete by the original OMB expiration date of February 28, 2018.