View UNC Pembroke Southeast Indian Studies Conference (UNCP SAIS) News Call for Papers January 31, 2018 DEADLINE: Fourteenth Annual Southeast Indian Studies Conference

The Department of American Indian Studies on the campus of UNC Pembroke will hold its Fourteenth Annual Southeast Indian Studies Conference April 12-13, 2018.


We are pleased to announce Dr. Ryan Eugene Emanuel as this year’s keynote speaker. Dr. Emanuel is Associate Professor and University Faculty Scholar in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at NC State University.  The title of his talk is Indigenous Peoples and the 21st Century Environment: Challenges and Opportunities for American Indians in the Southeast. Indigenous peoples have deep cultural connections to the natural world that are far more complex than western fantasies and stereotypes.  These connections are strong, but they can be stressed by environmental planning and policies that do not fully appreciate or respect indigenous values, priorities, and cultures.  Dr. Emanuel examines some of these environmental stress points, focusing on American Indians in the southeastern United States, where tribal communities and individuals face numerous environmental challenges ranging from proposed gas pipelines to climate change.  Efforts to address these challenges are complicated by economic, policy, and other factors.  Nevertheless, tribes and individuals continue to uphold cultural beliefs and connections to place despite long odds, highlighting the creativity and resilience of indigenous peoples living in a 21st century environment.


The deadline for papers and posters submission is January 31, 2018; see attached for submission requirements. For conference details, visit