View CLASP Comments on WIOA State Strategic Plan Two-Year Modification Process

By March 15, 2018, states must submit two-year updates on their Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) State Plans to federal agencies. These strategic and operational plans will go through a public comment period, during which community advocates should hold states accountable to WIOA’s goals of innovation and equity.

During this brief window of WIOA plan updating, CLASP urges state agencies and community advocates to emphasize these important goals:

  • Establish priority of service targets within WIOA title I adult as mandated and expand those priorities within other WIOA titles to serve individuals with barriers to employment.
  • Identify WIOA career pathway programs for youth and adults.
  • Implement Integrated Education and Training (IET) models.
  • Establish co-enrollment policies to allow WIOA and state-funded programs to leverage one another’s expertise and services.
  • Build capacity for all WIOA programs to use all five measurable skill types to gauge interim progress for participants enrolled in WIOA services.