View Rural Economic Development: SDA Seeks Comment on Reporting Requirements for the Rural Community Development Initiative and Community Facilities Grant Program

The Department of Agriculture administers the Rural Community Development Initiative (RCDI) grant program through their Community Facilities Division. The intent of the RCDI grant program is to develop the capacity and ability of rural area recipients to undertake projects through a program of technical assistance provided by qualified intermediary organizations. The eligible recipients are nonprofit organizations, low-income rural communities, or federally recognized Indian tribes. The intermediary may be a qualified private, nonprofit, or public (including tribal) organization. The intermediary is the applicant. The intermediary must have been organized a minimum of 3 years at the time of application. The intermediary will be required to provide matching funds, in the form of cash or committed funding, in an amount at least equal to the RCDI grant.

USDA is currently seeking comments on the proposed revision to the information collection associated with the Initiative.


USDA is also soliciting comments on the proposed revision of the information collection associated with the Community Facilities grant program. Under this program, USDA makes make grants to public agencies, nonprofit corporations, and Indian tribes to develop essential community facilities and services for public use in rural areas. These facilities include schools, libraries, child care, hospitals, clinics, assisted-living facilities, fire and rescue stations, police stations, community centers, public buildings, and transportation. Through its Community Programs, the Department of Agriculture is striving to ensure that such facilities are readily available to all rural communities.

Information will be collected by the field offices from applicants, consultants, lenders, and public entities. The collection of information is considered the minimum necessary to effectively evaluate the overall scope of the project.