View O*NET Websites: January 2018 Department of Defense Crosswalk Update and BLS Employment Projections (2016 – 2026) Now Incorporated

The Military Occupational Classification (MOC) crosswalk has been updated by the Department of Defense (January 2018) and incorporated into O*NET OnLine and My Next Move for Veterans. Over 13,000 MOC occupations are linked to related O*NET-SOC occupations. Within the O*NET Military Transition Search, the crosswalk is supplemented with additional sources of data. To learn more visit O*NET Resource Center Crosswalks.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released updated employment projections for 2016 - 2026. This information is now included within O*NET OnLine, My Next Move, Mi Próximo Paso, and My Next Move for Veterans. The updated information is also incorporated within the Bright Outlook feature included within the O*NET sites.