View Education Commission of the States Releases 50-State Comparison: Academic Credit for Military Experience

This resource provides a national overview of state policies to award college students with academic credit for military experience. Click on the question below for a 50-state comparison, or choose to view a specific state’s policy by going to the individual state profile page.

States received a “yes” if their policy provides for the awarding of postsecondary academic credit for military experience. As used in this resource, military experience includes all training, coursework, education, programs and professional experience gained in the course of military activities and service. Many states have directed licensing boards to provide credit or waive requirements for veterans seeking professional licenses or certifications; these policies are not included in this resource.

The information provided here complements another ECS resource, 50-State Comparison: Prior Learning Assessment Policies.

50-State Comparison

  1. Does the state have a policy to award academic credit for military experience?