View Broadband: USDA RUS Opens Application Window for “Community Connect” Grant Program

The regulation for the Community Connect Program can be found at 7 CFR part 1739.

The notice has been issued prior to passage of a final appropriations act to allow potential applicants time to submit  proposals and give the Agency time to process applications within the current fiscal year. The Agency will publish the amount of funding received in any continuing resolution or the final appropriations act on its website at Expenses incurred in developing applications will be at the applicant's risk.

The deadline for proposals is May 14.

The March 15 FEDERAL REGISTER provides complete background, eligible applicants, reference materials, specification of eligible/ineligible grant activities, and instructions for the submission of proposals.  See:


  • USDA RUS has established a minimum grant request amount of $100,000 and a maximum grant request amount of $3,000,000 per application for FY 2018.


  • The standard grant agreement, which specifies the term of each award, is available at USDA RUS will make awards, and successful applicants will be required to execute documents appropriate to the project before the advancing funding.