View USDA, NRCS Pathway Program Vacancy Announcements

There are a total of 82 positions offered nationwide by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation (NRCS) Pathways Program. The application period closes on 3/30/2018. Please share with current students and your network. See the USA Jobs links below for more details:

Soil Conservationist (Student Trainee) Stillwater, OK 9 vacancies (mid-west region) 11 vacancies (western region) 11 vacancies (eastern region) 11 vacancies (MO & TX)


Hydrologist (Student Trainee) Lakewood, CO  Bozeman, MT  Boise, ID


Engineer (Student Trainee) 10 vacancies including Fresno, CA 9 vacancies 9 vacancies (eastern region)


Rangeland Management Specialist (Student Trainee) 8 vacancies (NE, UT, NM)