View NINAETC Update for 2020 NINAETC/477 Training site nominations to be voted on at the 39th NINAETC/477 Training in Marksville, LA. 


Attached are the procedures for the 39th National Indian & Native American Employ­ment/ Public Law 102-477 Training scheduled for April 8 - 13, 2018, in Marksville, Louisiana.


A city or geographic area may be nominated by one grantee OR a group of grantees that wish to work together to sponsor the 2020 NINAETC/477 Training.

Please carefully review the Site Considerations to assure that your city/area can meet the requirements for the 2020 NINAETC/477 Training. The list of Site Considerations is intended as a guide for grantees to determine if hotels/convention centers in their area can meet the various requirements of the NINAETC/477 Training. Of particular import­ance are guaranteed government rates for hotels. By keeping costs as reasonable as possible, the event remains accessible to a majority of grantees. The hotel should also be able to provide adequate and reasonable internet access for the computer lab.

It must be emphasized that the Site Selection Committee will NOT deal directly with hotels, convention centers or chamber of commerce. These dialogues will take place with the NINAETC/477 Executive Committee and the local grantee(s) when the 2020 site is determined.

If you are nominating your city or area and plan to use a video during the site presenta­tion, please advise the Committee. We will make sure that equipment is available for you. If a city or area wishes to work with their local convention bureau to sponsor a reception please advise the committee. The Executive Committee will negotiate with the selected hotel at the appropriate time.


Please note the due date for submission of the 2020 site nominations is March 30, 2018.


Email, fax or mail nomination forms to:

NINAETC/477 Election & Site Selection Committee

California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc.

738 North Market Boulevard, Sacramento, California 95834

Phone:  916/920-0285 | Fax: 916/641-6338





  1. Indian Native American WIOA / Public Law 102-477 Grantee(s) must submit a signed endorsement for the identified city of designated area. The Grantee(s) will specify the commitment of local grantees and staff support for the conference.
  2. There also must be the agreement to work closely with the NINAETC/477 Executive Committee, including, but not limited to, terms and conditions of the Department of Labor contract.
  3. All bids must be postmarked NO LATER THAN MARCH 30, 2018, and sent to the Election and Site Selec­tion Committee Chairperson.  THERE WILL BE NO SITE NOMINATIONS FROM THE FLOOR DURING THE 2018 NINAETC/477 IN MARKSVILLE, LOUISIANA.
    1. Grantee(s) will be given an opportunity to present information on the endorsed city/state or area during the General Assembly on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. The presentation is the responsibility of the Grantee(s) ONLY and should be no more than twenty (20) minutes in length, including any time required for a video.
    2. Each endorsed city/state or designated area will be listed on the official ballot.
    3. On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, voting for the site selection will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon).  ONLY THE WIOA/477 GRANTEE DIRECTOR OR A DESIGNEE WHO HAS SUBMIT­TED AN APPROVED PROXY WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE.
    4. Proxies must be on the grantee’s organizational letterhead and submitted to the Chairperson of the Site Selection Committee prior to 10:00 a.m., the start of voting on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.
    5. The winner will be selected by a simple majority of votes. If no site receives a simple majority on the first ballot, the two sites with the most votes will be placed on a run-off ballot. If a run-off is needed, it will be held Thursday morning, April 12, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon).  The results will be announced that evening at the banquet.
    6. If there should be a tie in the run-off voting, the winner will be determined by the Executive Com­mittee.

5.   The 2018-2019 NINAETC/477 Executive Committee will coordinate conference planning with the local Grantee(s) and the designated staff of DOL/DINAP.



  • Area hotels MUST be able to guarantee federal lodging rate
  • Availability of a block of at least 300 guest rooms (single/double) at area hotels
  • Area hotels must have available general assembly and banquet space that will accommodate at least 500 people
  • Area hotels must have eight (8) to twelve (12) break-out rooms available, each seating up to 90 classroom style.
  • Area hotels should be able to provide space for 20-30 exhibitors/vendors and assure security of the exhibit area
  • Sales/Catering staff of hotels should be knowledgeable of federal cost guidelines
  • Shuttle service available to airport, area shops, events and other points of interest
  • Adequate parking facilities with security, little or no cost to conferees
  • Availability of business services; e.g., copier, fax, electronic communication services
  • Ability to set up computer lab with up to 30 PCs and adequate Internet access
  • Registration and locked storage areas for conference materials and equipment
  • Ability to provide, at reasonable cost, other business services/supplies such as moni­tors, LCD projectors, flip charts, etc.
  • Arrangements for prompt delivery of messages, faxes to conference committee and attendees, message board
  • Contact city convention/visitors bureau to provide brochures and/or maps with information on local points of interest and/or events
  • Ability to meet the Federal safety standards; i.e., fire codes, sprinkler systems, etc.
  • Ability to accommodate individuals with special needs; i.e., dietary, mobility, visual or auditory