View Human Trafficking: National Institute of Justice Seeks Applications for Research and Evaluation Projects to Address Knowledge Gaps

Reference: Training and Employment Notice 09-12: Human Trafficking: The Role of the Public Workforce System in the Delivery of Services and Referrals to Victims of Trafficking

The National Institute of Justice is seeking applications for funding for research and evaluation projects that will address the knowledge gaps related to trafficking in persons, with clear implications for criminal justice policy and practice in the United States. NIJ has funded research on trafficking in persons for over a decade, and is particularly interested in proposals that build upon and complement its earlier research investments. NIJ’s current portfolio of human trafficking research addresses such topics as: scope, prevalence, and perpetration of the crime; effective criminal justice responses and challenges thereto; victimization experiences and meeting victim needs; and how best to reduce the demand for trafficking victims. Applicants should familiarize themselves with this prior NIJ-funded research and include relevant research in their literature review.


For a summary of NIJ-funded research projects on the subject of human trafficking, see