View a presentation on Organizational Development in Indian Country presented by Sylvia WynnLindeman at the 2011 National Conference.

Most of us agree that for an organization to prosper in the face of uncertainty and shrinking resources, it needs inspiring leaders, motivated staff, clear goals and an infrastructure that fosters creativity and timely communication. “Great,” you say! But how do we get from “here” to that idealized “there” when we’re already spread too thin and working as hard as we can? The burgeoning field of Organization Development (OD) may offer you some solutions. Once the esoteric step child born of Human Resource and Strategic Leadership practices, OD has matured into a pragmatic professional discipline focused on preparing human systems to be the best they can be, no matter what. Attend this interactive workshop and learn more about OD, how its underlying values are compatible with Native America’s, what conditions must exist for an OD effort to succeed and how to identify a practitioner to help your organization fashion its own right path.

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