2018 Funding Opportunity Announcement and Planning Tools

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View the PY 2018 Funding Opportunity Announcement

2018 Planning Forms:  The following are provided for planning purposes.  See notations regarding tools below as they pertain to the application.

  • SF 424/SF 424A (Only the SF 424 forms found on the Grants.gov “Forms” pull-down tab can be attached to the application.)
  • Budget Narrative  – (Note: Regardless of the version used, a Budget Narrative must be attached to the application. Confirm that the line item total exactly match the line items on the SF 424A.)
  • Participant-Performance Estimator Worksheet/Instructions – (Note: Used only for participant and activity cost planning, planned Performance outcomes.  Not required to be submitted with the application.)
  • State Labor Market Information (LMI) department link: https://www.bls.gov/bls/ofolist.htm
  • One of the rating criteria in the forthcoming 2018 WIOA Funding Opportunity Announcement requires grantees to describe their Labor Market in their 4-year strategic plan.  Applicants applying for WIOA, Section 166 Native American employment and training funds may want to contact their State’s LMI department to obtain LMI information for the service area they are applying for.


  • Applying for the Native American WIOA Grant Through Grants.gov
    • View the presentation slides here.
    • View the recorded presentation here.
  • Writing a 4-Year Strategic Plan
    • View the presentation slides here.
    • View the recorded presentation here.

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