January 29, 2020 - American Indian College Fund publishes free career planning guide.

Denver, CO - Native American college students have unique needs and challenges in higher education.  Navigating their developing career paths while honoring their indigenous identities and communities is no different.  To help Native students plan for and accomplish their career goals in college and at any stage of life, the American Indian College Fund has published a new "Career Pathways" guidebook.

While many career planning resources exist to help students prepare for work, the new "Career Pathways" guidebook was created by the American Indian College Fund (the College Fund) to provide tailored resources and advice to meet the unique needs of indigenous students.  The guide is filled with culturally relevant career preparation resources, including the advice of Native professionals and teachers shared from their own valuable experience.  Tom Brooks (Mohawk), Vice President of External Affairs at AT&T and a member of the College Fund's Board of Trustees, introduces the publication with his own inspirational journey through education, career possibilities, and the fulfillment of his current path.

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